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  • Fine tune your delivery style to create maximum impact
  • Develop a more persuasive and impressive speaking style
  • Control your space and presence to get rapport and influence your audience
  • Use pace and structure more effectively for maximum results
  • Use language creatively to present a more powerful message
  • Deliver different styles of presentations for different audiences


  • Exercises to develop group rapport
  • Self analysis of current presentation style
  • Controlling nervous energy

Presentation practice (prepared presentation)

  • First delivery of presentation one (approx 5 mins)
  • Feedback on effectiveness of delivery style

Getting greater impact through the voice

  • Developing a more confident and convincing voice
  • Developing a greater range of expression in the voice
  • Influencing your audience with the power of your voice

Engaging with the audience visually

  • Analysis of your visual impact on the audience
  • Using body language to build audience rapport
  • Developing your unique presentation style

Presentation structure, style and language

  • Preparing a presentation within a strict time constraint
  • Establishing the key message
  • Applying structure and style effectively
  • Using language to clarify and influence

Presentation practice (unseen presentation)

  • Delivery of presentation
  • Analysis via trainer feedback and group discussion

Spontaneity and audience awareness

  • Thinking on your feet
  • Developing greater command of your audience
  • Gaining the attention and interest of the audience

Presentation practice - set presentation

  • Adapting material to the needs of the audience
  • Delivery of a set presentation to a given audience
  • Analysis via trainer feedback and group discussion

Presentation preparation - business topic

  • Delivery of opening of presentation
  • Feedback on first impressions on audience

Taking control of your audience

  • Tips on delivering to large and small audiences
  • Managing audience expectations
  • Dealing with difficult audiences

Presentation practice - business topic

  • Final modifications
  • Delivery of presentation
  • Analysis via trainer feedback and group discussion

General feedback session

  • Individual assessment of progress achieved
  • Personal action plans
Overall workshop feedback




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