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has been the focus of a great deal of media attention.
Our first trial in March 2005 took place before the screening of the 'Ladette to Lady' television series, and despite the coincidence we were not associated with that project.

Our trial academy was broadcast on BBC News and was featured on the BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour program that also mentioned the forthcoming 'Ladette' television series. If you would like to listen to that program again please click here.

Below are some of the articles that have appeared in newspapers and magazines.


The first Gentlemen's course to be held in the UK captures the imagination of the Nations Press and is featured in The Daily Telegraph (front page), The Sunday Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Herald and The Guardian, newspapers.
the finished article


also featured on the BBC's 'Culture Show', first broadcast on 13th October 2005, and GMTV as they follow the progress of one of the delegates as he hopes to acquire the confidence to meet that special lady.
BBC Culture Show


Elle Magazine Sept 2005 - "Old fashioned manners & grace are back".
featured in Elle's 'Hot 100' things you must know about... at Number 30!!!

elle cover


Exclusive Magazine May/June 2005 - "Life skills maketh the lady, as our trip to a new Cheshire reveals"
Fi Midwood, mother of two of the young students, said she felt the concept would be a boon for young women whose teenage years can be blighted by worries. "When I was young I was sent off to Lucy Clayton's for help and advice and it worked for me. So I hoped would be equally useful for Erica and Florence. They both enjoyed it. In the age of the ladette anything that can give comfort and a bit of refinement to a young girl must be a good thing".

.back to school


Manchester Evening News July 2005 - "...Cheshire's new has opened its doors to give modern women pointers on old-fashioned etiquette and decorum"

Louise Charlesworth, a feelance personal assistant from Nantwich, says: "It's important for me to come across in the right way when I'm meeting clients all the time and going to networking meetings. This course gives you the confidence to walk into a room in any situation. I have a 10 year old daughter and I wouldn't hesitate in sending her to finishing school now, it's an excellent basis for life".

"Cheshire society grand-dame Trisha Wilkins wowed the academy with her tales of dining with royals and taught us all a thing or two about how to be respectable - and respected in polite circles".

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Cheshire Life July 2005 - "How to produce the perfect Cheshire girls. At Willington they have revived the arts of the finishing school".
Cheshire Life article


Liverpool Post July 2005 - "More and more women are shunning the ladette lifestyle to become ladies. There are no Eliza Dolittles on the three-day course, nor are the attending women the bored wives of society-conscious, rich husbands. Most of them run their own businesses - some as far a field as London - and hope the programme will give them the edge on their competitors. They are all attractive, funny, polite and intelligent. A lot of the lessons girls used to learn at finishing school, which taught them how to behave in society, really apply in the business world today"


Liverpool Post


The Sentinel July 2005 - "There has been a rise in the number of ladettes in recent years and women seem to have adopted laddish behaviour as their own. But some girls are kicking back and finding out how to polish their manners and be a 'lady' again. Here Sentinelle challenged a finishing school to transform a self-confessed ladette. Vicky Slater was chosen as the perfect person. She plays ladies rugby, runs a hotel and pub and can drink copious pints of lager".
When shown how to walk and stand confidently Vicky says, "This was useful. It is amazing how standing differently can make you feel. With my job I go to meetings where I am the youngest person, so I will apply some of these tips. It makes you feel more confident - and slimmer".

Vicky concluded "It was interesting to see what you can do with yourself with a little bit of effort".

The Sentinel