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  • Discover when body language is an important mode of communication
  • Use body language to increase your personal impact
  • Increase your presence and strengthen your command over your listeners
  • Learn how to use body language to build rapport with others
  • Learn how to read and interpret signals of others
  • Learn how to apply body language to help control tension and conflict


  • Personal introductions (including handshaking)
  • Self perception of how other people see you

Personal body language awareness

  • Initial diagnostic of personal body language
  • Trainer and group feedback
  • Understanding the importance of body language

Enhancing your personal body language vocabulary

  • Developing a more confident posture
  • Making more use of gesture
  • Increasing use of facial expression and eye contact

Using body language to increase your personal impact

  • How to make an immediate positive impression
  • How to communicate a confident and professional style
  • How to use body language to help engage with your listeners

Review of personal impact achieved

  • Application of techniques developed
  • Individual feedback on personal use of body language

Using body language to build rapport

  • Understanding the difference between aggressive and assertive body language
  • How to develop positive relationships through use of body language
  • How to control any negative hidden messages through body language

Reading and reacting positively to signals from other people’s body language

  • Understanding signal clusters from others and how they can be interpreted
  • How to react positively to negative vibes generated through body language
  • How to control a situation through use of body language

Group review of best practice

  • Review of key lessons learnt and how to apply
  • Individual feedback through group discussion and trainer analysis
Evaluation - Personal action plans



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