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The aim of this one day programme is to give participants poise, confidence and polish to gain that all important competitive edge

How to Reach Rapport with Clients and Cement Business Relationships

Public Speaking - preparing a talk to deliver with confidence and panache, including the best use of PowerPoint for the creation of visual aids

How to Make a Lasting First Impression - creating a positive impact through posture, protocol & approach,  hand shaking

Promoting Yourself in the Workplace - how to work your way up the career ladder, cope with office politics & achieve a work/life balance

Networking - making the most of business gatherings:

  1. Starting a conversation in an unknown environment
  2. Etiquette of the business card
  3. Moving into a group politely
  4. How to include bystanders and strangers
  5. Rapport building
  6. Recognising negative and positive buying signals

Subjects to be avoided

Business etiquette - guidance on:

  1. Corporate entertaining what to wear for different occasions

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to get ahead in Business

  1. Recognising Clients Individual Communication Language
  2. How to recognise empathy with client
  3. Understanding filters
  4. Cultural differences
  5. Personal Space - office protocol
  6. What impression do I make on other people
  7. Body Language - “My 93% impression I have on other people”

LUNCH - table etiquette:

  1. Faux pas (see additional list)
  2. table settings
  3. selecting wines
  4. unfamiliar cuisine
  5. drinking responsibly
  6. conversation & listening skills
  7. seating plans

what to do if things go wrong


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